Hello Hundested!

Let me tell you a little bit more about the sandsculptures you’re looking at right now. Below you will find a tutorial and a story on how to play with sand.

Hundested Sandskultpur Festival

May 13th – October 24th 2021

The world awaits us out there with its magnificent scenery, historic buildings and hospitable people, but when we can not travel out into the world, then the world must come to us. In this 10 year anniversary festival, you can travel the world – right here at Hundested Harbor. In this year’s sand sculpture festival, you get sand between your toes and a view of the whole world.
Enjoy your travels! 🛫 🌍

My name is Leonardo!

I make crazy sandcastles, stories and tutorials on social media. The video’s above are examples of how to create a sand story yourself.
If  you want to support me and learn more about making sandcastles you can buy a t-shirt or ebook, but you can also follow me on my social media.

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